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Top 15 best action games for android 2018

Discover the best action games for Android. They are popular and new action games for Android phones and tablets.

These games can be downloaded for free and some of them are paid. In this top, you will find games with the best roles, graphics, and effects.

There are all kinds: light, heavy games, with simple graphics and 3D graphics.

1. New Android 2018 Best Action Games

1.CrossFire: Legendsbest action games

The game offers excellent graphics with an accurate control system that allows players to aim more accurately.

You can choose to play all modes online or against bots and you can be sure that your time with this game will be fun.

2.Dragon Ball Legendsbest action games

Dragon Ball Legends brings all the popular characters from the Dragon Ball universe to an action-packed fighting game in which you fight face to face against an online opponent.

There is a complete story, in which players control a new character designed by Akira Toriyama and advance in stages by defeating one opponent after another. It is the best action games in 2018.

3.Final Fantasy XV Pocket Editionbest action games

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is an attenuated version of the complete PC game with simple controls and graphics. The game has been divided into 10 episodes in which you control Noctis, Crown Prince of Lucis, on his journey to marry Lady Lunafreya de Tenebrae

4.Shadowgun Legendsbest action games

Shadowgun Legends is an epic combination of a multiplayer first-person shooter with role-playing elements that takes you through an exciting campaign, cooperative missions and raids with friends, PvP battles in real time and a lot of customizations for your character to be yours. It is the best action games in 2018.

5.Dungeon Hunter Champions: RPG Online Action Epicbest action games

Another role-playing game to get to this list, Dungeon Hunter Champions takes you on a journey full of epic battles, 5-on-5 fights against players from around the world, a competitive classification ladder and lots of customizations to level up your champions to take on new opponents.

6.Eden Obscurabest action games

If you are looking for the best audiovisual experience, then look no further. Eden Obscura from Q-Games takes players on a trip to the garden of sound and life, where they have to collect pollen while jumping in the changing environment.

2. Top Games Best Action Shooting and Android Shooters

7.Assassin’s Creed Identity

Here you can choose the type of killer you want to be between berserker, shadow sheet, trickster or thief, to visit cities of the Italian Renaissance and go overcoming the missions and finally discover the epic mystery of The Crows.

8.Matador Elite 3Dbest action games

Your mission as a first-person shooter is to find and destroy the controller of the Syndicate criminal organization. The 100 levels that must be overcome are set in 16 locations around the world and has more than 30 combat mechanics

9.Modern Combat 4: Zero Hourbest action games

Your mission is to find a terrorist group and prevent the unleashing of a global nuclear war.

10.Five Nights at Freddy’sbest action games

Freddybear and his two friends are robots that have been created to meet the needs of people when they get to the pizzeria they serve, but at night they are not very friendly to say, their mission is to watch the security cameras to see where they are, but be careful that there are enough power cuts. Keep reading- The 11 best war games for PC

11.Hitman: Sniperbest action games

It is a game set in Montenegro, where hitman style you must kill certain objectives that for those who have hired you: more than 150 to overcome and as you move forward you can unlock and build 16 franc rifles and thus compete to occupy the first position of the world classification.  It is the best action games in 2018.

12.Sniper Furybest action games

Overcome more than 130 missions eliminating enemies everywhere, for which you can use sniper rifles, assault rifles, rail guns or secret weapons. You can also play in multiplayer mode where you can steal the elements of another person and form platoons to protect your safe

13.Shoot Hunter – Killer 3Dbest action games

Eliminate your enemies in the style of the commands and in return receive gold to buy better weapons. And thus lead the world ranking.

14.Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Gamesbest action games

Become the best sniper in the world shooting at the head in slow motion without hurting the hostage. And knocking down planes and helicopters.

15.Attack by helicopter 3D

Drive a helicopter with different weapons, to defend your troops from enemies. And at the same time take possession of your belongings to improve your weapons.


Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Here you can choose 7 different kinds of characters and lean towards a style. Soldier, gunner, tracker, sniper, support, bounty hunter, to play in individual mode. And overcome various campaigns or in multiplayer mode and be part of a squad that faces or another.  It is the best action games in 2018.

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