marvel superheroes list

15 most powerful marvel superheroes list

The superheroines of Marvel Comics are women of arms to take, of that there is no doubt. Complex, powerful, fun, leaders, effective, strong … a long time ago (fortunately) they stopped being a mere comparison, the hero’s girlfriend or the weakest link in the group.
Naruto shippuden

Naruto shippuden episode list

The second phase of Naruto brings a whole new dynamic to anime: teenagers. The characters we have followed since the Chunin exam are older and more powerful. In Naruto Shippuden, we see the ninjas reach their full potential and face challenges that have put the entire shinobi world in danger. Follow our complete guide to
ecchi anime shows on netflix

Best ecchi anime shows on netflix

Ecchi is a favorite genre for many in anime, and it is not usually the lynchpin of their series. Rather it is an added element to a good plot. To save the trouble of knowing how to differentiate an ecchi without substance from one with an interesting plot or an unmissable comedy, in Super Fans,
best anime comedy

Best anime comedies that must watch right now

Laughter is undoubtedly one of the best medicines, and what better way to brighten our day than with a good comedy anime? Filled with action, adventure, hilarious situations and strange characters, these anime will not fail in their task of keeping your mood high for the rest of the day. So take a look at
best fighting anime

Best fighting anime that must watch in 2021

Dragon Ball is one of the best fighting animes in the world. Its series, manga, video games and other promotional items are appreciated worldwide by its millions of fans. Due to its popularity, it inspired a whole generation of mangakas who saw Goku and his friends’ adventures an example to follow for their works. Best
best survival anime

Best survival anime of all time

With the legendary movie Battle Royale, Japan demonstrated its ability to create memorable survival stories. Anime of this genre describes scenarios in which the characters struggle to survive. It doesn’t matter who, but there is always something trying to kill our heroes. Best survival anime Here we share the 10 best survival anime: LOG HORIZON
What is the difference between anime and manga

What is the difference between anime and manga

More and more series, movies and comics are coming from Japan to the West, making the terms anime and manga very well known to us. These increasingly popular products gain many followers due to their high design quality and the plot of their stories, very different from those of the West. However, some of us
best detective anime

The 10 most insightful and best detective anime

Perhaps if we think of anime or manga, we are much more likely to associate the theme with action, big fights, or beautiful girls in school clothes. However, there is also room for mystery and logic lovers, like manga, anime, and light novels have spawned some of the greatest detectives in the world. Do you
saddest anime movies

The saddest anime movies of the all time

Sometimes, instead of laughing, we want to cry a lot or see something that moves our heartstrings. For those moments, we can always count on anime of the genre tragedy, drama or sadness. If tears are your thing, here we present you with the saddest anime movies ever. Get comfortable, and get the tissues ready!