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An application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner

We have made a habit of drawing our smartphone to take a few seconds of film or a simple digital photo. This is natural and convenient to capture a moment quickly.

With the emergence of 3D printing, the need for objects modeled in three dimensions tends to be more and more. Unfortunately, we do not have all the skills needed to create virtual models of objects that can be printed in 3D.

application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner

In the future, with the advent of these technological innovations, we will probably need to scan objects on now with our smartphones for printing copies in three dimensions once at home. Visit here to know more.

Today, a suitable 3D scanner is relatively expensive, requires a rather complex preparation, does not always work out and offer questionable portability. Some companies such as 3DSystems and Creaform 3D portable scanners offer but it is often necessary to carry a briefcase and a computer (computing power) and a web connection (the calculations being made in the cloud) to use them.

An application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner An application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner2 An application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner3

A computer vision research group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) , has unveiled a mobile application that can transform an ordinary smartphone (Android or iOS) into a mobile 3D scanner.

For example, a user can scan a museum piece on the fly in order to study later at home, all angles and interactively.

Instead of taking a standard photograph, simply position the smartphone camera before the scan object and perform some movements around it so that the three-dimensional model begins to appear on the screen. As the user performs movements around the object, the application automatically records images and refines the virtual model of the object.

All calculations are performed by the graphics processor of the smartphone. The user can directly view the result and make new angles to cover, if necessary, the missing parts of 3D modeling.

The technology developed by this group of scientists makes it possible to quickly and easily obtain virtual models in 3D and 360 °, objects that we can pass on our way anytime and anywhere. The result can be sent directly to a 3D printer to get a real answer. The virtual object can also be injected into video games or an augmented reality application.

Unfortunately, this application patent pending, should not be immediately available.

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