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A Guide to Roaming Charges

  • What are roaming charges?

This relates to inflated charges for mobile phone calls and texts made by Europeans in a country outside the EU.

Until recently this year (2017) roaming charges were likewise applied to travellers moving between European countries. Thankfully, this rather cynical practice has been outlawed.

  • A very dangerous charge!

Mobile communication is a godsend. Isn’t it great to be able to share your holiday experiences with loved ones back home; either by texting, talking or an up to date photo. No matter where you are in the world home is just a few pushed buttons away.

A lovely holiday abroad, sunshine, sand, romance and plenty of vino; not necessarily in that order.  So many happy memories, and then suddenly it’s all over; a return to normality and reality, back to your family, friends and workplace and then … the phone bill arrives!

Now is not the time to discover that the country you visited is subject to crippling roaming charges. You may even be shocked to find that you’ve been charged for accessing the internet!

If only you had known beforehand. If only you had checked.

It’s of little consolation, but countless of other unsuspecting travellers have fallen foul of the same devilish phone charges, with many stacking up debts into the hundreds and even the thousands!

Roaming charges has been responsible for much misery; thankfully, for Europeans travelling within the EU, there is no longer an issue. However, there’s still a multitude of countries that do not subscribe to, nor qualify as part of, the European Union.

  • How do I discover the phone charge policy of my destination country?

Due to much scare mongering in the media, sadly, many travellers decide to leave their phones in a comatose mode or at home. I say ‘sadly’ because the mobile, or cell, phone is truly an icon in the revolution of worldwide communication. Why shouldn’t we all enjoy the benefits of reasonable tariffs?

The answer is, we can all benefit, but only if we’re aware of each countries’ policies in respect of cell phone calls and texts.

  • It’s all so confusing!

Well, quite honestly, for the ill-informed, it is. However, there is help at hand; a website that offers clear, concise guidance as to every country’s ‘roaming’ status.

The easiest way to find the answer is to visit the Hand Set Expert website. Here you will find their ‘interactive map’ of the world which clearly shows the levels of phone service available in each and every country.

All of the major UK networks are featured on this colour coded easy to navigate illustration.

  • In conclusion

It’s a no-brainer, prior to visiting any country check out your network’s ‘roaming’ status. The Hand Set Expert site is full of helpful information and advice.

However, if in any doubt, always contact your own network provider for an absolute clarification!

So, before leaving these shores take the first logical precaution and visit the Hand Set Expert website.

It could just save you a load of embarrassment and unnecessary expense.

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