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A Great Way To Have Stylish Portfolios

One of the key reasons I invested in an iPad is because I’m a photographer and the options for visuals for my clients and myself alone are great. This was my one big tool to help me stay organized and be able to create things like slideshows and folders other things specific to photography. Since my business is my first priority and I need a lot of file space and things to help me out in that area, the Photo application that works for iPad wasn’t really enough to satiate me.  What did satiate me was the Portfolio application built for the iPad.

How It works


If my logo could go on everything my business puts out, then it would make sense to use this application. It really allows me to personalize all of my business forms and pictures to my liking.  I can even incorporate my logo on social sites to promote my business. These include all the regulars like MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter. What I want , my client to see is everything about my business and have it all related when they are looking through a portfolio of mine.  If you want more than one photo for this purpose, this application will allow you to have three options. You can have them hooked up via an outside monitor using a VGA adaptor (yes, it can be used on this application) or you can have on on the supported landscape and portrait modes that are incorporated on your iPad.  If you like video, you can use that and photos and other media that allows you to maintain a great portfolio.

Security is a big deal these days, and this one incorporates an easy PIN number to enter for guarding of important photos and information you would rather not share with the whole world (or whoever gets your iPad).  This is a good way to control what your client will see and prevent anything that they are not supposed to see.  Slideshows are easily controlled and is much like the Photo application in the way it functions. It allows you to do all of the things the Photo app does as well.  With having these types of functions (especially the branding), this application has given me what a good portfolio application should give to its users. Don’t even think that these things is where the fun ends for this application. It’s only just started to get interesting.

The Goodies

Not only can you use pictures that are already available to you on your iPad (which was good for me because I already had them on there), but you can now add them to your Portfolio via the dropbox. If you have something for a client that you need to add very quickly because you either weren’t prepared or though of something on the spot, you can add it very easily by just using the dropbox the import the files.  Every photo of mine has a story and reason behind its existence. The application allows you to rate each picture if you have explanations of reasons for having certain media.  It also helps keep everything in order for me and keeps the clutter out.  If you have a client that wants to see something particular, the application allows you to search for certain imagery in your portfolio that would co-inside with their “keyword”. It does take some practice to get good results for the key wording, though.

For the Future

Every application, including this one, has its flaws.  The only problem I would like to see resolved is having to go through extra menus when turning it off or otherwise just getting rid of gallery.  It would be nice if this was resolved to the main page of the application. Otherwise, this is the only little flaw I could really see on the application. Visit to know more like this content.

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