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A few common problems with TV aerials

There are a few companies that can help install TV aerials in homes. For example, TV aerial installation Cheltenham company, Steve Unett Aerials, can help with this. But there are many common problems people can experience with TV aerials.

One common problem is ghosting. This is when a double image appears on the TV screen. Ghosting usually happens when the TV signal is reflected from a large building in the area. So, the TV is receiving both the direct normal signal and the reflected signal, creating a ghostly image. Changing the direction that the aerial is facing can usually fix the problem, or a new aerial may be needed.

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The most common TV aerial problem of all is a weak TV signal. The property may be located too far from the TV station or they may be a hill or a building in between the property and the station that is blocking the signal. A booster can be used to create a stronger signal or installing a new aerial at a higher position. It may just be that the aerial is in a bad position or disconnected lead so it would be worthwhile to double check the aerial before buying and installing a new one.

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Electrical interference can also cause problems with TV aerials. Home appliances can cause weak reception. Smaller appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, are easier detect as the interference could be occurring when they’re turned on. However, other, larger appliances, such as the freezer, can be harder to detect.



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