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5 Helpful POS Design Tips

Whether you’re trying to implement a portion of your marketing plan in-store by setting up small POS (point of sale) displays on your counter near the cash register or you’re interested in creating end caps or even free-standing kiosks at check stands, you have to start by crafting displays that are going to help you reach your goals. You may be interested in letting customers know that you have a new or featured product. You might want to catch their attention. And you naturally want to make sales. Most likely you’re looking to do all of these things with your POS displays. So here are a few helpful design tips to help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Be clear. The most important part of any POS display is clarity. You want to make sure customers can see what is being sold and why they should buy it. Both the display itself and the individual product packaging should be created with these goals in mind. Your display should feature text and graphics that list your product name and image, that show products in use by satisfied customers, and that enumerate selling points (albeit concisely). You can also add extra information via charts, graphs, testimonials, reviews, and so on. And you could even add promotional material for related goods. But the main takeaway should be what is on display and why consumers want it.
  2. Engage the customer. It’s not enough to grab attention: you need to engage customers by appealing to them on a personal level and/or drawing them into interactions with your display. There are plenty of ways to do this. For example, you could use marketing language or graphic images designed to appeal to a specific demographic. If you’re selling items for children, show kids happily using your wares. Or if you’re selling sports snacks, you could use language like “feed your sporty side” or “snacks for the athlete in all of us”, appealing directly to a member of a group. You can also create interactive displays that let consumers demo products or use multimedia displays to find out more about your products.
  3. Make good use of space. Where and how you set up POS displays could make or break your in-store marketing campaign, so make sure that your displays are well-placed, attractive, and easy to see.
  4. Add value. If displays seem to be attracting customers, but you’re failing to make sales despite the interest, a good way to nudge buying is to add coupons to your display. This way customers that are interested enough to look at your display will get a bonus when they grab the item and take it to the check stand.
  5. Be creative. A company like Houston Carton can do a lot to help you create a unique and effective point of sale display. But nobody knows your products or your customers like you. So it’s important that you participate in the process and come up with creative ideas that are sure to gain the notice you’re seeking and help you make sales.

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