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5 Helpful Legal Tips for Gun Owners

Owning firearms is not only a legal right that all U.S. citizens enjoy, it’s a way for gun owners to protect themselves and their homes, hunt for food, and partake of a sporting pastime. But it’s important to understand that there are legal ramifications associated with gun ownership and use. Here are some tips to help gun owners avoid legal snafus.

  1. Understand federal and state laws. Gun owners definitely like to quote their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but there is a load of other legislation pertaining to the ownership and use of firearms. And if you want to continue exercising your legal right to have and use guns, you need to follow not only federal laws, but also the laws of your state where firearms are concerned. You should also read up on gun laws for any other states you plan to visit with the intent of purchasing, selling, trading, or using your firearms.
  2. Understand permits. Some permits allow you to own guns while others allow you to carry them in public or even carry them in a concealed capacity. But you need to know how permits work, especially if you plan to transport firearms, as you’re likely to do if you ever want to shoot your gun, say with a visit to the shooting range or hunting trip.
  3. Keep your guns locked up. There’s no better way to spark legal trouble than by allowing your firearms to fall into the wrong hands. Just think about how many accidental shootings plaster the news headlines because children have gotten ahold of their parents’ guns. And what if your home is burgled and criminals make off with a gun registered under your name? It’s much better to keep your guns locked up.
  4. Take a safety course. This seems self-evident, but there are plenty of gun owners that have never taken a course in gun safety. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding local classes through sporting goods stores, gun dealers, or gun clubs such as your area chapter of the NRA. You stand to improve your own understanding of firearms and how to use them appropriately, perhaps protecting yourself from potential legal incidents in the process.
  5. Be careful when buying and selling. Unless you’re buying from or selling to a licensed dealer, you need to be very careful when it comes to exchangingweapons. Whether you’re purchasing replica swords online from Swordsaxe or you’re buying guns from a firearms manufacturer, you can be reasonably certain that these experienced dealers know the laws and will follow them. But private sales are another matter. And if you don’t know the laws pertaining to such sales, it’s best to either do your homework or simply avoid private buying and selling.

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