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The 5 Best Projector Screens

Projector screens are perfect tools to have at home or the office since they serve both to work and make presentations, as well as having fun watching movies or playing HD video games at home. However, some of our readers have told us that they have not done so well with these products and we wanted to know why.

One of them, Carlos, explained to us that the one that was bought a few months ago began to present wrinkles on the sides and that, when finished using it, it was somewhat complicated to rewind it because the electrical mechanism was not very efficient, say. It was also quite noisy, as he told us.

In addition, another user regretted having bought the cheapest one because it did not even bring a good quality case to protect the screen while it was not in use. Clearly it ended up dusty and the metal parts rusted.

What is the best projector screen?

So we wanted to help our readers and decided to find the best on the market. The first thing we did was look at the size of the space where you plan to place the projector. This will tell if it will be an electric or manual model, if you want a larger screen or if you prefer a smaller, portable model. In this case, there are options that you do not have to fix to the ceiling or wall and are more compact and versatile.

Then we look at more technical aspects such as the gain, which is usually 1.0 and has to do with the brightness that the product is capable of reflecting. A higher value translates into brighter images. The aspect ratio is usually 16: 9 or 2.35: 1 for home and theater fans; if the device is tensioned; if it is motorized and, of course, if it is economical.

  1. Elite Screens ezFrame 100 ″ 16: 9 Projection Screen

We start our comparison list with this 100-inch model with a 16: 9 aspect ratio so you can get the most out of your current multimedia equipment. It is a tensioned type, highly recommended, it has a gain of 1.1 and a viewing angle of 160º. It has an aluminum frame.

  1. Celexon Professional Plus 3000 x 1690mm

We are talking about a 300 x 169 screen with a 16: 9 format. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling for the projection of films, has a gain of 1.2, and is even compatible with 4K and 3D formats. It can be rolled up using a motorized mechanism.

  1. Projector screen Phoenix Technologies PHPANTALLA-200

The Phoenix Technologies brand offers a 200 x 200 size model with a 1: 1 aspect ratio and 112 inches. It is a fairly light option since it has a weight of 5 kg. Apart from that, it can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. It is not electric.

  1. NIERBO Tripod Screen 100 ″

Buying a good projector screen is easy enough with this rugged and versatile 16: 9 and 100-inch aspect ratio option. It has two metal rods at the top and bottom and two vertical side rods that hold it upright. It is portable and convenient.

  1. Iggual Mural Screen 180x180cm with Tripod

We bring another model with a tripod that you can easily move from one place to another and it has a size of 180 x 180, black edges of 3 cm, 100 inches, and compatibility with formats 1: 1, 4: 3, and 16: 9. It works well for the home and office. Includes carry bag.

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