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4 Tips For Picking A Car Dealership

Where you buy a car is as important as the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Use these 4tips to choose a car dealership.

Scour Over Reviews

Check out dealer reviews through different websites online. Visit forums and social networking groups relevant to car dealerships. Receiving feedback from customers can help you move forward with a dealership or cross the business off of your watch list.

Both positive and negative reviews should be weighed before making a decision. If you note a majority of glowing or scathing reviews take note. Patterns usually indicate the experience you should expect. Honor your intuition if you sense that a dealership or hired reputation management agency is manipulating reviews. You’ll be able to tell authentic testimonials versus inflated drivel posted by hired guns.

How Long Has the Dealership Been in Business?

In a day and age when dealers seem to come and go with the wind finding an established business can clue you in to their level of success. Selling cars is a hyper competitive business. One trip down your local highway is likely to back up this claim. If a dealership has grown steadily over the course of 10 to 15 years you can confidently say that this business is worth a second look.

Beware any dealership which has been open for under a year. Although their business model may be solid you should move forward with an established business. In a competitive niche go with a community pillar over an organization which hasn’t proven itself yet.

Stroll Through the Dealership

The car isn’t the only thing you need to take for a test drive. Walk around the facilities to get a better idea of how efficiently the organization operates.

The show rooms and maintenance area should be immaculate. In a business built on presentation you should demand cleanliness and orderliness. Seeing dirty floors, walls or cars is a serious red flag. Run to the next dealership if you notice a business which isn’t running a tight ship.

The staff should be professionally dressed and courteous. Beware pushy sales people or poorly dressed staff. If you plan to spend a significant amount of money at a dealership the people selling cars and handling the money should be professional.

All salespeople should treat you with the utmost respect. More than one potential customer has been ignored by rude, arrogant or prejudiced sales staff. The top dealerships pay attention to each person who walks through the doors. Whether you’re ready to buy the latest and greatest premium model of a high end car or want a simple, economical ride you should receive royal treatment.

From interacting with the warranty and service staff to sales representatives you should be treated as a special person.

Ask Family

Ask family and friends for their experiences with car dealers. Most people have been car shopping within a recent period of time and will be happy to relay their experiences to you. From nightmarish scenarios to glowing reviews you can get the information you need to pick the right dealership. Want more tips? Click here

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