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3D Wire 2015: Animation Projects

Another trip to 3d Wire ends with a day dedicated to animation, this year has surprised the variety of national projects done in 2D animation. Seeing all presentations of the projects we realized that projects had exceeded expectations, varied projects with a very high level of quality, and most people very passionate about her work.

Animation A summary of the projects which we found most interesting on our opinion you will:

The lights go out and leave the authors with the first project … Umbrellas is a short film created by Jose Antonio Prats, Alicia Canovas and Alvaro Robles, we experienced one of the most fun and well done festival presentations, along with the first images of the film and a small animatic. The story plunged us into a short story where a girl lives with her ​​father in a town where rain does not stop, 2D art seemed an illustrated tale and fit perfectly with the story they told us. It’s a shame not to enjoy a bit more, but the short is still in production and seeking funding so that it can carry out.Animation

The second project were boys Sillywalks, a small study Valencian stomping coming this year, the blog we talked about it and we knew we would find a good project, but seeing the presentation we saw the great potential. The project is called Duck-Mouse Canal and is a series of the most child-thug for a young audience, a group of crazy dinosaurs by social networks that open a channel in “youtube” to record their follies. Along with the presentation, besides images of characters we could also see a small preview of the first episode, and things look great, do not be surprised to soon see in any style series channel Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, time to time.Animation

Last but not least, they presented a series for young audiences, a project of the hand of Pepe Sanchez who showed us Pico Pico Adventures, 2D animated series, created from a children’s book created by himself. The series revolved around three very different protagonists of each other, a kind of dog, one octopus and a pig, all three will live adventures and travel across a vast world, where they will meet new friends. Pepe is an illustrator / animator with experience and it showed when presenting their project, along with this story created for children is a simple design and very colorful able to transport to more remote and fantastic place. Although we could not see almost anything animated, we have high hopes with this series.

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