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15 most powerful marvel superheroes list

The superheroines of Marvel Comics are women of arms to take, of that there is no doubt. Complex, powerful, fun, leaders, effective, strong … a long time ago (fortunately) they stopped being a mere comparison, the hero’s girlfriend or the weakest link in the group.

Now that Marvel Studios is going to give us the first great movie of its cinematographic universe starring a woman ( Captain Marvel ) and the details for the next one ( Black Widow ) are beginning to be finalized, we offer you here a list of the 15 most powerful marvel superheroes list that are crying out to take their place on the big screen and be acclaimed by fans across the multiverse.

Marvel superheroes list

marvel superheroes list

1. She-Hulk

If something had always characterized Jennifer Walters, it was her absolute control when she became She-Hulk, unlike her cousin Bruce (Banner), who when he transformed into the monster Gamma devastated everything in his path.

Retaining her (overwhelming) personality, her intelligence and her emotional control over the green and powerful version of herself, Jennifer has always enjoyed an enviable superhero career (belonging to several important groups) while continuing to practice as a brilliant lawyer. However, during the events of the Civil War II event (2016), she was seriously injured during a Thanos attack on Earth, remaining in a coma for a brief period of time.

As a consequence of this traumatic experience, Jennifer lost control over her ability to transform, further assuming the form of a gray She-Hulk, like her cousin in the early days after the Gamma-ray explosion. Despite having recovered the green color, this She-Hulk, who is once again in the ranks of the Avengers, has gained size and muscle, speaks like the old Hulk and his power levels seem to have no limits, and may even be a danger for her and for those around her.

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2. Rogue

Anna Marie D’Ancanto is probably one of the most powerful heroines in the entire Marvel Universe. Basically, its power consists of absorbing the powers and abilities of other people just by coming into direct physical contact. Memories too, but that’s usually more troublesome … Rogue was traumatized when she left a childhood friend in a coma after the two kissed, activating the young woman’s mutant powers.

Rogue came desperately for the help of Professor Xavier after her famous (and dramatic) confrontation with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), when the Avenger’s powers were embedded within her forever. Because of that, Mystique’s adopted daughter possesses the ability to fly, superhuman strength, and a high degree of invulnerability.

Over time, Rogue has learned to control her powers and overcome her fears of physical contact. He has even been the leader of a team of Avengers (the Unity Squad of the Uncanny Avengers ) and, after many years of stripping the daisy, he has finally married Gambit. That angry and scared girl who started out as a villain is now one of the most important and respected superheroines.

3. Captain Marvel

Despite the fact that many people in the world of comics will really know her thanks to the Marvel Studios film , Carol Danvers is one of the most important superheroines of the publisher and also one of the most powerful.

Putting aside the various identities that he has assumed over the years (with varying degrees of power), he has always been one of the heavyweights and a controversial figure due to his powerful personality.

Her innate leadership skills, her military rank and her ambitious character have made her a key figure in recent great sagas and events, but it is with her premiere on the big screen that her popularity is going to be propelled stratospheric.

Her precognitive “sixth sense” and her half-human, half-kree physiology make her resistant to innumerable poisons and toxins and endow her with abilities that many compare (saving the differences) to those of Superman.

4. Storm

Ororo Munroe , the African goddess with the power to control the weather and wife (intermittent) of T’Challa (Black Panther) is one of the most beloved characters by fans.

Longtime leader of the X-Men, his mutant abilities are intimately tied to nature and the earth’s magnetic field. Charismatic, intelligent and an expert melee fighter, she has already shown that she does not need her powers to defeat dangerous enemies.

Ororo can fly, shoot lightning, manipulate temperature, and even unleash a powerful whirlwind. His emotions are closely linked to his powers, so his ability to control himself is what prevents him from unleashing the full potential of his power. We assure you that you don’t want to see Storm angry!

5. The Invisible Woman

Exposure to cosmic rays endowed Susan Storm with the ability to become invisible and to make other people and objects invisible.

In addition, it can generate powerful psionic force fields that you can manipulate at will with multiple uses, as well as being resistant to large-scale attacks and protecting it from explosions. These force fields are even capable of blocking the mental abilities of a telepath as powerful as Jean Gray.

In addition to her great intelligence and leadership ability, Susan has proven to be, in addition to the soul of the Fantastic 4, one of the most important and powerful superheroines in the Marvel Universe.

6. Jean Gray

Jean Gray is an Omega Level mutant, which makes her one of the most powerful beings on the planet. His psionic potential gives him the abilities of telekinesis and telepathy, both manifesting at great power and with devastating effects if he loses control at some point.

You can read the thoughts of others, project your own into the minds of others to influence their decisions, block and erase anyone’s memory and move to the astral plane.

But what makes the redhead tremendously powerful (and dangerous) is that she is nothing more and nothing less than the physical incarnation of the Phoenix Force . His powers as a Phoenix are almost limitless, since he is the incarnation of an almost omnipotent cosmic being, an immortal manifestation of a primordial force in the universe. Not for nothing is the only superhero who has returned twice from the dead!

7. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff doesn’t need to have superhuman powers to be on this list. During her stay in the Red Room (the Red Room, a Soviet training facility for highly specialized spies), Natasha received a variant of the Super Soldier Serum (the same as Captain America’s), which made her physical abilities (strength , stamina, agility) will rise to the maximum, and that your body is immune to aging and disease.

In addition to being an elite athlete and gymnast, she is an expert in martial arts and hand-to-hand fighting, a weapons specialist and an excellent marksman. If we add all that to her status as a spy, we have a skilled strategist and born manipulator. And let’s not forget their famous bracelets that discharge bursts of electrostatic energy, known as the “Black Widow sting.”

Although he prefers to act on his own (either following his own agenda or under orders from SHIELD), Black Widow has belonged to different groups of superheroes, such as the Champions and the Avengers, whom he has come to lead.

8. Gamora

Gamora , the last of her kind (the Zen Whoberi) and the most dangerous woman in the universe. As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, she has faced terrible cosmic threats, but we cannot forget that she is the adoptive daughter of Thanos, the Mad Titan, so we are sure that she has inherited something of her father’s character … Those credentials say it all!

Gamora possesses superhuman strength, durability and agility, as well as a healing factor that makes her almost unbeatable. Thanos subjected her to treatments to raise her power level and trained her to become a dangerous melee combatant, expert in weapons and infiltration techniques. Stealthy and deadly, this expert assassin is capable of defeating enemies far more powerful than herself.

Knives and swords are his favorite weapons. Can you imagine a hand-to-hand combat between her and Black Widow?

9. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is perhaps the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe, with the permission of Jean Gray. Magneto’s daughter (or not, it is very complicated) has the ability to manipulate probability through “spells”, which gives her immense power over reality and the creation of infinite possibilities.

Later it was speculated that her power was generated from the combination of her mutant abilities with Chaos Magic, but finally (this is Marvel, where everything changes continuously) it was revealed that what Wanda was doing was constantly “rewriting” reality. . Imagine the danger this woman has for the multiverse and for the very fabric of reality!

As is normal, this excess of power and the traumatic events that Wanda has experienced throughout her life (going from villain to Avenger, marrying an android with feelings and witnessing how your children are “absorbed” by a demon) have created in her an instability that has caused devastating effects for her companions and the Marvel Universe in general. We just have to remember that she was the creator of the House of M timeline and the culprit for the near extinction of the mutants.

To finish the matter off, Wanda is also a powerful sorceress capable of rivaling Doctor Strange. And he was able to bring back Simon Williams, the superhero known as Wonder Man, from the dead.

10. Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew – superhero, secret agent, private investigator, member of SWORD (a galactic-level counterpart to SHIELD) … and full-time mother!

Her physiology was genetically altered as a child, giving her superhuman strength, as well as stamina, speed and spectacular reflexes. Obviously, and to honor its name, it has many abilities related to spiders, such as climbing walls, emitting pheromones capable of manipulating the one in front of it and generating bioelectric discharges that work as “poisonous rays”.

In addition, she is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial arts expert, a more than solvent private investigator and the perfect example that pregnancy and motherhood can be reconciled (not without difficulties, of course) with a busy professional life.

11. Emma Frost

The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club went from being a mortal enemy of the X-Men to becoming an ally, a dedicated teacher and leader of the group alongside Cyclops, with whom she was joined by a sentimental relationship that broke schemes at the time (in addition to the Scott- Jean) and which ended when the eldest of the Summers brothers died from a poisoning produced by the Earthly Mists.

Emma Frost is a mutant with world-class telepathic powers capable of manipulating the minds of her enemies at will and launching powerful psychic attacks. His power level can rival that of Jean Gray and Charles Xavier.

As a consequence of a secondary mutation, Emma is also able to turn her body into organic diamond, which makes her almost indestructible and immune to any type of psychic attack. Of course, when it acquires this diamond shape, it cannot use its telepathic powers.

12. Jessica Jones

We all know the seasoned and unscrupulous detective and investigator who has popularized the Netflix television series . And we also know that Jessica Jones hides a lot more behind her tormented and moody demeanor.

As a teenager she came into contact with radioactive chemicals in an accident that killed her family. When she woke up after spending several months in a coma, she discovered that she had acquired special abilities such as superhuman stamina and strength, of which even she herself does not know her limitations.

During her first stage as a superhero (for which she adopted the name Jewel) she was capable of flying, but this ability was progressively diminishing due to the time that passed without using it, specifically since she left her secret identity because of her first (and traumatic ) encounter Zebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man. Jessica herself has always admitted that she never felt good flying … and that she even got dizzy!

Currently, he is able to move by large jumps, a bit Hulk-like. Honestly, I can’t say which of the two scares me more when they’re angry, Hulk or Jessica …

13. Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan , the most interesting young superhero in the Marvel Universe, discovered her Inhuman heritage when the Earth Mists were spread all over the Earth (Black Bolt lost his mind a bit, yes) and millions of people acquired inhuman abilities due to the Terrigenesis.

Kamala was one of those affected and decided to honor the legacy of her idol (Carol Danvers) by adopting the identity of Ms. Marvel and becoming a superhero. New Jersey’s first superhero, it all has to be said.

Kamala has polymorphic abilities, which means that she can stretch, deform, contract or expand her entire body or parts of it, adopting various forms and even turning her fists into gigantic weapons to hit her enemies. You can also lengthen your limbs and increase and decrease in size when the occasion calls for it … or when you feel like going unnoticed.

However, what makes Kamala a hero is not her Inhuman abilities, but her spirit of justice and her innate ability to always choose to do good, whatever the cost.

14. Moon Girl

Lunella Lafayette is a 9 year old girl with a passion for inventions … and the smartest person in the Marvel Universe! Yes, we are talking about his intelligence being above characters like Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Victor Von Doom and Amadeus Cho.

His intellect is enough to build an incredible amount of gadgets that he uses in battle, in addition to a curious “combat armor” consisting of a boxing harness, glasses, suspenders, a multipurpose belt, a backpack and skates. Let’s not forget that no matter how gifted and adept at engineering she may be, Lunella is a pre-adolescent and behaves like one, which is part of her charm as a character.

In case you thought that it was not enough to be the official “brainiac” of Marvel, Lunella also has Inhuman genes that are activated with Terregenesis (just like Kamala) and that make her have a psychic link with a red tyrannosaurus rex that she receives the name Dinosaur Diabólico , with which you can exchange consciousnesses whenever he is hungry or angry. Of course, with such a “pet”, it is clear that this young promise is not someone you want to have as an enemy …

By the way, the character has penetrated so deeply that in 2016 she won the Glyph award for best female character. These awards recognize the best comics made by, for and about the black community.

15. Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green has the ability to control squirrels. Said like that, it sounds a bit threatening, doesn’t it? As a mutant, he communicates with them, but not telepathically, he understands their “language” and is able to speak and make himself understood without problems.

For the rest, the normal in these cases: agility, strength, reflexes, regeneration capacity, excellent melee combatant … But what really makes Squirrel Girl special and unique is her tremendous self-confidence, which it translates into the ability to never lose a battle as long as you think you can win it. It is as if you can unconsciously manipulate reality simply by wanting to want to.

If she is convinced of winning, I assure you that her enemies will inevitably bite the dust. If not, let them tell Doctor Doom or even Thanos, whom Coleen has been able to defeat without too many complications. What could we expect from a heroine who has a utility belt full of nuts and who uses a gyrocopter that she calls Squirrel?

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