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Tips for a useful website. The creation of an effective website is the result of many factors. That intersect and give life to what will be not only the window. But the true image of a company or an online store. We start from the base: the website cannot and should not be done by chance. With templates prepared by someone who does not know our reality and the goals, we have set ourselves. In fact, the website must first be nice and at the same time generate business, purchases, contacts, etc. Creating a website without having previously defined the objectives is not a good starting point. And certainly, this will not be optimized to increase the company’s business.

So let’s start with the main tips for an effective website.

1. Why?

The first piece of advice I can give you is actually a question: why are we creating a website? Once the answer has been identified, the objectives are self-contained and in any case, must be supported by real metrics during the verification.


We will never tell you how important it is that the objectives are defined by those who commission the site. Publishing a site without having set goals is like not having pointed the satnav and not know the way: you lose, then maybe you find yourself … but you wasted time in vain!

These objectives are declined in KPI. We like to say:

We have to define cheapie

Yes, but we must be accompanied in this process. Because the Key Performance Indicators cannot be taken at random from the web or from practical guides that are online. In this, the consultant can help you to make a useful website.

3.Very-Beautiful USEFUL WEBSITE

The site must be beautiful, to be seen, to be used, must instill serenity in the user and all information must be immediate to find. Visual communication is essential: you do not need to write too much. But with the help of images, pictograms and infographics you can tell everything using lighter text tools. If graphics and photographic materials are not of high quality it is always good to provide the assistance of a professional. Some camera and mouse shots will guarantee you an excellent result. And it can help you to make a useful website.

4.Create business

The site must create business! Yes, we have already said it before but it is good to always remember it. A website for its own sake is not useful for increasing sales or generating work for any company or professional. Surely there can be sites “showcase” and they also deserve special attention to attract the user even if we are not selling anything. In general, we must pay close attention to Call To Action (CTA) in order to generate as many conversions as possible with minimal user effort. So let’s talk about sales, form compilation, file downloads, etc .And it can help you to make a useful website.

5.Analysis for making a useful website


Ok, we set ourselves goals, we decided how to do the site and now we published it. But before doing this we need to equip ourselves with analysis tools that allow us to read statistics from the first day. This will serve a lot to understand if the actions we are doing, are able to generate business through the site if there are useless pages, where you lose the user in the conversion process. Continue Reading-


Creating a site and publishing it is not enough to make it work well. Thanks to the analysis referred to in the previous point, we must require us to do tests periodically. Make changes that we think can benefit the site, but above all be ready to restore the previous version if the performance does not improve.

8.Unique Selling Proposition


Another difficult word, however, that contains within itself a very important meaning: have we thoroughly analyzed the sales argumentation of our product/service?

To make any action effective, it is good to consider the benefit that this product would bring to a potential customer, assess. Whether competitors exist and how they move and be sure that the above benefit is really important in order to attract as much audience as possible.

9.Buyer Personas

Do you know your target online? It is not enough to know the offline one to design a site that will work. Instead, it will be essential to thoroughly analyze the typical customer, the online habits, the problems he manifests, his needs and what would push him to buy from us. Here too some analysis tools can be useful.

10.Stimulate interest USEFUL WEBSITE

The content we publish on a site must be very interesting to attract users’ attention. In general, it is appropriate that these contents are unique (so do not copy/paste), optimized for SEO, accompanied by images/ videos/infographics and that generate in the user the desire to share them online on social networks.

11. Do not lose users

When users arrive on our site, we must not let them escape. So in addition to having a very nice site, we must take countermeasures to never get them out. We are not talking about inhibiting the closing button of the browser. But to insert in the site references and information. That want to stay and then continue browsing. Just as an example: propose a newsletter form. When a user reaches the bottom of the page, offer a discount voucher after a few seconds that the user views a product. Other useful tools to keep users and convince them of the goodness of a product can be video-testimonials or reviews.


If you are planning a site that you will not see from mobile, stop everything and change the developer!

At the same time, if you have an old site that you do not see from a mobile you must know that 70% of traffic to websites is from smartphones and tablets, so most likely your site will be displayed very badly. It is necessary to intervene! You May Like This-“”


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