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The Advantages of Co-Location

Co-location is all about keeping all of your critical company equipment in one secure location with proper cooling, power and connectivity facilities.  Many companies can use co-location services to suit their needs in a plethora of diverse ways.

The following article takes a look at a few different applications that have been created for various organizations and illustrates the advantages of co-location hosting found in each one.


The first example comes from a customer operating in central London. They have applied co-location as a part of their efforts toward business continuity. This includes plans to house their critical equipment and DR servers in a secure location outside of London. Still, the offsite equipment must be close at hand so it can be accessed quickly if needed. This is where a product called London Edge was perfectly suited to the task.

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They also keep all their valuable data backed to Dell Equal Logic storage arrays. If there were to be a loss of infrastructure in the city of London, they can retrieve all their valuable data from the host’s offices that keep this data on hardware kept in a well-appointed storage facility located in the data centre.

Special customer suites can be available to clients.


Another customer may have a need for extensive rack space as part of their Proof of Concept Laboratory Services. This business handles the testing of important software and applications for a large telecommunications service before the applications and software can be released to the public.

Co-location provides this service within the Datacenter allowing the applications to be simulated on a global scale and realistic environments that can give them a clear picture of how these programs will be accepted when released.


If you are a business that offers a managed I.T. service, using co-location can help to supply clients with a top-quality array of cloud services and deliver their services from the Datanet centre.  Tier3+ data centres are equipped with state of the art cooling systems, UPS systems, Multiple onsite generators and high-capacity Internet connections which can guarantee 99.9999% Uptime. A Co-location business relies on these top-quality facilities to provide their clients with a site that is always in service and available for their specific needs.

As you can see from the three customer examples, there are a variety of services available from co-location facilities that can benefit your company in a multitude of different ways.

Whether you are working to provide managed I.T. services, working toward a business continuity plan, or looking to set up a Proof of Concept laboratory for large-scale research project, Co-location is the fundamental piece for each of these projects.

Co-location services offer the cutting-edge of cooling, power, space and security systems to guarantee a flawless service every time. You can also count on the service of onsite engineers should their services be required.

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