Best Animation Movies in 2018

Best Animation Movies

Although it is hard to believe, the drawings are the most difficult to do, both in time and money. For this reason, we must value all those who arrive at the cinema. Of course, nothing happens to go see only the best-animated films of 2018. And is that, no matter how many drawings are, there are also bad ones. Ask whoever has seen Emoji: The Movie.

The Boy and The Beast, Trailer


Within the great industry of animation Japanese also exists a small space for a more independent anime film, one of the most distinguished conductors and more recognition could say it’s director Mamoru Hosoda Summer Wars, The Girl Who leaped through Time or his latest film Wolf Children. A kind of film that departs from the conventional to surprise us with his very personal vision of the stories.

Adventure Time, live-action trailer

Animation Movie

You know that the fan arts love us, but if they are as “mathematical” as these further. This is a trailer for a supposed time adventure film with actors of flesh and blood (and hair).

The Good Dinosaur, New Trailer for Pixar

Good Dinosaur

So, Pixar seems to be overcoming his stage make sequels of their films, and ventures to develop new projects. This is the case of his new work entitled “The Good Dinosaur” that we had already heard some time and finally begins to solidify as more than an idea.

Zootopia – Teaser Trailer


Zootopia teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney 2016…

New trailer for Samorost3


Already in 2013 we show you. “Samorost3” is the new work from the creators of “Machinarium” and “Botanicula” called Amanita Design. Today we show you new title material point and click that still looks as spectacular as ever. Spectacular in graphic and sonorous, with particular emphasis on the nearby backgrounds to photorealism combined with an original and beautiful imagery. No more buzzwords in between, here is the new trailer.

Making of Hotel Transylvania 2 Teaser


“Making of” the teaser of Hotel Transylvania 2…

Attack the Titans trailer of the film in real image


Late last year came the rumors that the anime series ‘Attack the Titans’ take the leap to the big screen with a movie in real image to harness the great reputation that acquired over the years.

Hotel Transylvania 2, first trailer


After harvesting their success the animated Hotel Transylvania now comes the second part. We like the animation is very expressive and very smooth movements, besides having in mind a certain air of classic animation. Here you have the first trailer of this Sony 3D project, to see what you think …

Trailer Just Cause 3


Just Cause 2 was not a gem, but a game that entertained many players offering them a huge open world in which cause chaos and make the most absurd stunts both on foot and by vehicle.