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“Plug & Play” – Short Film


Michael Frei is a Swiss artist lover of experimental animation. His latest work is titled “Plug & Play” and could say it’s the perfect mix between short game, and you can have as a film but can also play on your tablet or PC.

Changeover, Mehdi short film by Alibeygi


The work that we show today is titled Changeover, and is proof that sometimes less is more. With just 34 seconds left us with a smile, with a flawless finish, good taste and a nice 2D animation to see. We leave you with the video to see what you think. By the way, you can see the entire work through the web coming out in the notice …

Earmouse and Bottle, short film for nickelodean


Earmouse and Bottle is a short film created by Brian Morante, specially developed for the Nickelodeon program of short films, which open call every year to accommodate new animated works worldwide. This year they have not already open call, but if you’re interested the films must be original, based on a humorous style, and developed in any style of animation from 2D, 2D digital, stop motion, CG or mixed media … If you’re one of the your short film finalists will air on the same channel, an excellent opportunity toRead More

Confusion Through Sand a short film by Benjamin Wiessner


Confusion Through Sand is an animated short in the most traditional way possible, hand drawn and recycled paper, by the young artist Benjamin Wiessner.