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Superhot, time moves with you


Today you can see a independent game developed by Acid Nerve that is attracting the attention of many. Although this is a ‘First person shooter” puzzle is the word that best defines its gameplay. In Superhot control a character who, level after level, you must beat the enemies that appear.

The Last Flight of The Wind, Reflect 3D


The work that we present today we sent some guys eager, their study is called Reflect3D and in the feature film project “The Last Flight of the Wind.” They take two years behind the idea, and are aware of the enormous work that comes ahead and have already been driven by markets such as Mifa (Annecy) and soon to forum Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

Tips motion animation with Lego


Animating with Legos can be a great introduction to the traditional world of animation frame by frame. It can be a fun art and has generated its own sub-genre movies block. Create these films can be tedious at first, but with a little patience and good advice you can achieve your first film finished block.

Puma Urban Art


It officially launches two activities PUMA URBAN ART. The Puma Urban Art is an urban art festival of great importance worldwide; where you live from Argentina and Chile, the feast of the design. This time it fell to Peru also participate in this event, and since ISIL we are launching two events to celebrate along with people linked to art. To register, you can do so by sending an email to Patty Torres.

Nephtali, Glen Keane


We return to Glen Keane few days after the presentation of traditional animation with virtual reality goggles. This time presents a 2D work as classical, entitled Nephtali, and is a collaboration with the Paris Opera. We leave work to see what you think.

The Good Dinosaur


Second trailer for The Good Dinosaur, next to Pixar for Christmas…

Cosmos Laundromat, Mathieu Auvray


The work that we present today is provided by Blender Foundation, the creator of the popular 3D Open Source program Blender.

Halo Wars 2


Kinematics by Blur for the game Halo Wars 2 …

Pixar presents The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur

Lately Pixar presents very active in presenting new projects. If a few days ago premiered in theaters Inside Out is now the turn of The Good Dinosaur, where discover what would have happened if Earth had never suffered the meteorite that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Animation Movie

One of the things that strikes us the DC universe is its ability to create alternative worlds, where you can afford to explore new possibilities in its most charismatic characters.