Force of the Will, a sinister anime film

We are not big fans of 3D emulating 2D, but in this case almost have to take it back. Force of the Will is a Japanese film that will soon see the light, based on a card game very known in Japan with the same name and created by EijiShishido. This film consists of 6 short films (we assume that

The Legend of Zelda Ghibli animation style

One of the pillars of the company is certainly Nintendo video game series  The Legend of Zelda, a franchise that has managed to give the public what they wanted in each of their games. For this reason and go 30 years since the first game of Link and Princess Zelda was released. There are many tributes that have

Intro Simpsons style Adventure Time

The Simpsons are back with another  gag or joke chair, paying tribute to another famous series, remember that and go a few homages that have been marked, and have even been known directors like  Guillermo del Toro,  Bill Plympton  or  Sylvain Chomet, among others, that directed opening itself to put their own stamp. But this time the Simpson pay tribute to a

84 Mall tribute to the 80’s

80 left their mark and still do even in the new generations, nostalgia that exists at that time seems to go beyond movies, music or clothing. The short  Mall 84 is a short animated by Gervais Merryweather  that pays tribute to this time, teaching us all kinds of situations that could live, and incidentally teach all kinds of references. We

Parrot Away, a short Mads Weidner

Danish School Animation workshop is famous for the quality they have their animated shorts, can see gems like Backwater Gospel, The Saga of Biorn or Mighty Antlers.

Opening of Simpson style Pixel Art

Convert the head of the Simpson is turning into something more common after seeing passed through the hands of the best artists in the world of animation as Guillermo del Toro, Bill Plympton, Sylvain Chomet or Don Hertzfeldt, the list continues to grow. This time those responsible for this tribute are the entertainers Paul Robertson

The Boy and The Beast, Trailer

Within the great industry of animation Japanese also exists a small space for a more independent anime film, one of the most distinguished conductors and more recognition could say it’s director Mamoru Hosoda Summer Wars, The Girl Who leaped through Time or his latest film Wolf Children. A kind of film that departs from the

New Trailer of The Inside Out

We have the second trailer in Castilian of Inside Out, the new feature by Pixar and Disney, a family adventure to learn how to act or react differently our emotions in a literal sense, as these will be the stars of the film, a fun way to tell a story that is slated for release

Blood Unicorn by Alberto Vázquez

Unicorn Blood (Blood Unicorn) is a short film director Alberto Vázquez, who already know from his previous work Birdboy, winner of the Goya for Best Animated Short Film and were surprised by its success by festivals.

The Last Flight of The Wind, Reflect 3D

The work that we present today we sent some guys eager, their study is called Reflect3D and in the feature film project “The Last Flight of the Wind.” They take two years behind the idea, and are aware of the enormous work that comes ahead and have already been driven by markets such as Mifa