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5 2D animation techniques

2D animation techniques

There are different forms of 2D animation. To delve deeper into the varied techniques through which two-dimensional animation can be performed, today we bring you: 5 2D ANIMATION TECHNIQUES. 2D animation is considered the oldest of the forms of animation. However, over the years, several techniques and tools have been added to develop it. This has generated a very assorted list of ways to make 2D animation, among which we will highlight 5:

The best-animated video games for Android and iPad tablets

animated video games

We are going to close the circle after having dedicated our last 5 tops to the best animated video games and the best series games , with a last selection with a few of the best animated series games , a kind of content that has also served of inspiration to many great titles that we can find in the App Store and on Google Play . The best-animated video games The Simpsons Springfield It is necessary to start with what is probably the great classic in this field, bothRead More

The most beautiful 2D games

beautiful 2D games

These games released between 1995 and 2019 are beautiful, especially for their innovative 2D and their exceptional artistic direction. We share some beautiful 2D games. At a time when we give a lot of importance to graphics and especially their photorealism, it is good to remember that it is not enough that a game is realistic to be good. The 2D games that we will address in this list are magnificent and primordial, for their universe, their singularity or their influence on the world of video games. The beautiful 2DRead More

10 2d animation best software

2d animation best software

What are the programs to make professional 2d animation best software? We explore the paid and free options to be able to give you a list of 2D animation programs to save you the job of searching and questioning what are the options that exist. I decided to write a bit about the theme of 2D animation software since I have repeatedly found these previous questions in various forums and social networks. Truly interesting questions especially for people who are just starting out in the industry. The purpose of thisRead More

The animated movies that you can not miss

animated movies

2019 is one of the best years in history because incredible movies are coming. This time we will share the billboard of animated movies that you should see yes or yes. Ready? Spoiler alert: there are sequels of movies that marked your childhood. Without more to say, we started with the count.

Types of animation

types of animation

The animation is a technique that allows you to give static images (or inanimate objects) a sense of movement. This is thanks to the brain receiving the wrong information produced by what is called an optical illusion. This illusion is achieved by recreating in a succession of drawings small variations, which give the feeling that the object is moving if they are passed one after another quickly. We share the types of animation for you.

Four free sites to create your own comics

create your own comics

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to create their own comics, although the pleasure of reading on paper the strips of the great geniuses is still essential for fans. We share four free sites to create your own comics.

Best free online games for PC

online games for PC

These are some of the online games for PC  you can download and play for free from your computer. They are some of the best games available in this year 2018. In recent years we have experienced a major change in the world of video games. Video consoles or PC continues being the main dilemma for many gamers, although a good part of them play in both platforms. There is also a new one: pay for video games or go for the free to play, the free games par excellence.

The best 3D games for Android

best 3D games

The selection of games that are available for Android is huge today. In addition, it keeps growing every day, so we find many different genres available. Among them, we find a lot of best 3D games. About this type of games available in the Play Store, we are going to talk to you next.

The best games of 2018 on PS4 so far

best games of 2018

This year we want to start soon to review what is the best thing that video games are leaving us. So far we have already been able to enjoy some real gems, we still have several possible jewels ahead. The fun we will not miss in 2018 with the best games of 2018.