Tips for a useful website. The creation of an effective website is the result of many factors. That intersect and give life to what will be not only the window. But the true image of a company or an online store. We start from the base: the website cannot and should not be done by chance. With templates prepared by someone who does not know our reality and the goals, we have set ourselves. In fact, the website must first be nice and at the same time generate business, purchases, contacts,Read More

9 free tools to make animated videos and presentations

make animated videos

Capture the attention of your audience to make animated videos with these free tools to make dynamic presentations

How to create your own game without being an expert online games

online games

It seems that to design a game you have to be an expert. And so it is. But there are platforms where we can start in a sector that is booming. We share how to create your own game without being an expert online games.


Now you have the PlayStation VR glasses at 300 euros. A good reason to try the best 5 games for Sony Virtual Reality glasses

Best Animation Movies in 2018

Best Animation Movies

Although it is hard to believe, the drawings are the most difficult to do, both in time and money. For this reason, we must value all those who arrive at the cinema. Of course, nothing happens to go see only the best-animated films of 2018. And is that, no matter how many drawings are, there are also bad ones. Ask whoever has seen Emoji: The Movie.

5 Social Media Tips for the IT Industry

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is the best tools nowadays for spreading a brand. Through these platforms, you can exchange information and connect even more with your target audience. Improve audience segmentation, generate more traffic to qualified sites and leads, and have a lower cost of disclosure than traditional media. 

4 Technological advances in Education in 2018

Technological advances in Education

The Big Data, the Blockchain system, the deep web and the adaptive software could have a great impact on the way of teaching and the management of universities