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September, 2019


Strategies to overcome encouraging changes

Do you know how to encourage change in people (and in yourself)? We know that making people accept change is not easy, but it is possible, even if the change comes from within. But are there ways to encourage positive change in people, without offending or alienating someone? We talked about three different styles of how people respond to change …

Avoid these Common website mistakes for small businesses

When it comes to building a business website, you want to make sure your budget is used wisely and achieves maximum return on investment. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most common website mistakes that SMEs tend to make, and ways to avoid them. Image Credit Not having a fit for purpose website This is the ultimate mistake and typically occurs when insufficient thought is put into the planning stage and the site’s objectives aren’t first established. How can you know if your siteRead More

The best-animated video games for Android and iPad tablets

animated video games

We are going to close the circle after having dedicated our last 5 tops to the best animated video games and the best series games , with a last selection with a few of the best animated series games , a kind of content that has also served of inspiration to many great titles that we can find in the App Store and on Google Play . The best-animated video games The Simpsons Springfield It is necessary to start with what is probably the great classic in this field, bothRead More