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October, 2016


Night Falls on Loserville, a short film by Kiki & Remus

Remus Buznea  and  Kiki Kyriakou  is a pair of very talented directors for animation, as we see in all the work they have in their vimeo channel. But aside from being two creative, they are responsible for developing all art and animation, they ride it all by themselves with little help from anyone. Seeing works as  Night Falls on Loserville, it is hard to believe that two people have done all this work, and also to have such quality. We leave you with this video… Get more interesting information on:

Taking Flight, new work by Moonbot Studios

Today we bring you a short film inspired by the life of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the cart classic Radio Flyer. Directed by Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios, Gandor Oscar for the short  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, they are released with this new fiction story called  Taking Flight. What begins as a dull day of a little boy with his grandfather, it becomes the greatest journey of his life. We leave you with the video. To know more interesting information:

Pokemon Generations, new animated series

It has always given me the impression that fans of Pokémon we deserved an animated series that would live up to its franchise, with a polished than accustomed us with the classic anime TV series and more finished. Pokémon Generations is perhaps a little more about that idea. While it is true that films improve in quality and finish, maybe needed a little more serious, more adult tone. Pokémon Generations seems go into that audience who livedthe boom and has grown Pokémon. At the moment it seems that these mini-episodes will be released for freeRead More

The Absence of Eddy Table, a short Rune Spaans and Dave Cooper

We are surprised to see a 3D moving away from the standards of what makes the commercial cinema, looking for something different with what experience.Occasionally out these different projects, they want to break that rule and try to do something new.  The absence of Eddy Table  is an example of this, a very ambitious short 3D animation, which has a team of artists like Rune Spaans, this short film director, producer Eric Vogel and cartoonist Dave Cooper. The look of this film despite being in 3D has all the essence of the drawings of Dave Cooper, a misshapen characters stuck inRead More

Force of the Will, a sinister anime film

We are not big fans of 3D emulating 2D, but in this case almost have to take it back. Force of the Will is a Japanese film that will soon see the light, based on a card game very known in Japan with the same name and created by EijiShishido. This film consists of 6 short films (we assume that the formula will look like Animatrix) and are scheduled to launch by 2018. This work is being carried out by Shuhei Morita and Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Yamato Works studio). The work is presented as the view of some Japanese young talentRead More

The Legend of Zelda Ghibli animation style

One of the pillars of the company is certainly Nintendo video game series  The Legend of Zelda, a franchise that has managed to give the public what they wanted in each of their games. For this reason and go 30 years since the first game of Link and Princess Zelda was released. There are many tributes that have been made to Zelda, but  Matt Vince  illustrator and animator, has dedicated himself body and soul to create a trailer in tribute to this game, with an aesthetic of Studio Ghibli with a result that will leave you withRead More

Intro Simpsons style Adventure Time

The Simpsons are back with another  gag or joke chair, paying tribute to another famous series, remember that and go a few homages that have been marked, and have even been known directors like  Guillermo del Toro,  Bill Plympton  or  Sylvain Chomet, among others, that directed opening itself to put their own stamp. But this time the Simpson pay tribute to a series that has become famous and has a lot of fans around the world, obviously we are talking about  Adventure Time an animated series created by Pendleton Ward,  who plays Finn human and Jake the dog, this timeRead More

2D animation for the finals of League of Legends

Riot Games, the developer of popular video game  League of Legends bet again on 2D animation, we remember that and made a music video to promote the finals of the World Cup 2014, with the designs of Robert Valley (Gorillaz) and music performed by the American group  Imagine Dragons. This year follow the same path, they have joined two studies of animation French animation experts such as  Major Klaxon (Oktapodi) and La Cachette (Kairos) along with the music of DJ Zedd. We leave you with the video… For more interesting information please visit:

Little Nightmares, a video game different horror

We love every time they go games offering something different, and this is the case of Little Nightmares. Bandai Namco has decided to bet on this work that has some indie touch, and reminds us in some respects to a stop-motion finish. We supremos into an unknown world, where all you see when you start is the protagonist that we handle, dressed in a kind of yellow raincoat and a little smaller than a human stature, and he has to escape from a kitchen accompanied by what appear to be some of the mostRead More

84 Mall tribute to the 80’s

80 left their mark and still do even in the new generations, nostalgia that exists at that time seems to go beyond movies, music or clothing. The short  Mall 84 is a short animated by Gervais Merryweather  that pays tribute to this time, teaching us all kinds of situations that could live, and incidentally teach all kinds of references. We leave you with the video… For more information please visit: