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July, 2016


The Benefits of Unified Communications – the Way forward for Business Telephone Systems

The development of unified communications has revolutionised business telephone systems. With technology developing at such a fast pace, many businesses are confused on how they can utilise the new technology that has become available. With the development of MPLS and VoIP, technology advancements can seem like a foreign language. This article will introduce five benefits that unified communications can bring to your business. Uniting the Workforce Today’s world of business is inundated with an array of state of the art communication devices. The fast pace in which communication has developedRead More

4 Reasons to Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

Everyone’s favorite social networking site Facebook has become one of the most frequented sites on the Internet. With over 500 million users, Facebook has created a stellar platform for automotive dealers to gain maximum exposure for their business and expand their targeted audience by tapping into the immense consumer base on the networking site.

Best Tools For Online Collaboration And Project Management

This article will provide you with best software to deal with web designing and project management in easy steps. Popwuping offers a web based collaboration of platforms and tools of software. This is actually a guideline to make design of a website stunning. Sharing of best ideas among mobile society is followed here are Popwuping. Main themes followed at Popwuping are technology, fashion, trends, places to visit, and other accessories.

Bing Business Portal: What’s New

According to the latest report from Comscore, Bing now has 14% of the total search market in the United States; Google has 65%. What’s more interesting is that Yahoo, Microsoft’s search partner, cornered 16% of the market. Taken together, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo have a 30% search market share. This just goes to show that Google’s dominance is slowly being eaten away by Bing, especially in the future when Bing will be handling back-end search programming for Yahoo. Now more than ever, it is important to pay close attention toRead More

3 Reasons Why Media Storage is a Good Idea

You might consider yourself a graphic designer, a webpage artist, a writer, a videographer, a photographer, or simply someone who loves collecting heaps of digital data. Without media storage, you might lose what you have worked so hard to collect or create. For those who rely on their creations for a paycheck, the loss of important data could put a major dent in their career. Read on to learn a few more reasons why media storage is a good idea.

Three Simple Ways To Keep Your Company Moving Forward

Most business owners loathe the concept and reality of plateaus. Yet if you want to ensure that your company overcomes periods of stagnation and continues moving forward, you need a game plan. Some strategies that should be a part of yours include: