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June, 2016


The Deviation between Artists and Designers?

Art and design are two different things. There is a hell of difference between these two fields. The people believe that art and designs are same things but this concept is wrong. Both the fields should be taken as separate things. An artist is a person who has talent and thoughts while designer is a person who has skills to develop some designs. The people who have good skills to design something are called designers because artists only create thoughts and ideas. To give the things specific shapes it isRead More

How to Grow Your Business Globally With Corporate Web Design?

Anything that has to do with the company is referred as corporate. Corporate website refers to a website that represents the company. A corporate website serves different functions like presenting business of the company to target groups or as a platform for providing updated and relevant information of products of the company. Such a site can be designed from scratch or developed from website design template. With an increase in the span of web around the world, companies aspiring to reach out a global client base should be focused on developingRead More

Getting a Dream Job in Web Design

Web design is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. Many web designers enjoy the creative aspect of the job and see their job as more of an art form rather than a technical exercise. When it comes to jobs in web design, Southampton and other areas across the UK are rammed with opportunities – as more and more business owners are accepting the importance of developing an online presence. Unfortunately, the popularity of a web design career has meant that there are massive amounts of competition to secure jobs amongst the most reputable design companies. This articleRead More

Installing Your Macintosh As A Server For Analyzing Web Pages

Installing  OS X Mac as a home server for analyzing web pages has been greatly simplified since apache are readily installed in the hardware and you just have to open the control panel and press the start tab at the personal web sharing section.

Wix, Online Platform for Creating Flash Based Websites

Wix is an online app for creating websites and other widgets. The company has its roots in Israel and was founded by the trio of Gio Kaplan, Avishai Abrahami and Nadav Abrahami. Gio Kaplan, the CTO for Wix is an entrepreneur with several years’ managerial skills of web companies. He was also a member of a technology unit while in the Israeli army. Avishai Abrahami, a co-CEO of Wix, is also a long time entrepreneur in web companies; He had previously founded other web companies such as Sphera, a webRead More

How Should You Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name was a pretty hard thing in the past. There were a lot of factors to consider, and the fact that cyber squatters took the best domain names with great keywords using automated tools certainly didn’t help the situation.

Getting Organized

Organization is a key element of every successful person. A disorganized person ends up getting very frustrated in life. Every aspect needs one to be very organized and this will enhance their planning skills. The web designers and developers are no exception and they need to get organized in order to optimize their potential. Embracing the Learning Curve Learning is a process that everyone has to go through. For instance, the sports people have to slowly develop and work on the basics in order to perfect their skills. It isRead More

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide Is A Must Read For Web Designers

JavaScript has been commonly used by numerous web designers in different capacities. Many users of JavaScript do not have a thorough understanding of the whole concept of JavaScript. JavaScript is not hard as many would perceive it. The main idea behind JavaScript requires thorough understanding through reading and studying tutorials and manuals. Once one has grasped the theoretical concepts then they can go ahead and implement what they have learned practically. For most users of JavaScript who have used shortcuts to work they do not have full understanding of theRead More

Drumbeat: free web school for web developers

Ken Robinson is a revolutionary speaker. He has been going on for years about the bad state of education in today’s world. The system needs to change, he keeps saying. In the web development community, Anna Debenhem shares a similar sentiment. Over at Drumbeat, she gave an inspiring keynote:

The Link Between SEO and Web Design

Web design companies have their job in designing and redesigning websites. However, if this job has always been done with the purpose of retaining more and more customers with a great web design, these days the importance of SEO is higher and higher and this is why web designers are important in search engine optimization too.