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Saturday, December 5th, 2015


IMMERSIS: Immersive 3d Projection Mapping In Your Living Room!

3d Projection Mapping

Like the concept, IllumiRoom Microsoft introduced at CES there two years Immerse a new project in full crowdfunding campaign is a projector capable of displaying photographs, video games, 3D applications or videos panoramic 180 ° on the walls of your home.Immerse literally turns your living room into a giant panoramic screen.

How digital signage is changing our city centres


30 years ago the film “Back to the Future” had some predictions about the way the world would look in 2015. Unfortunately, the hover-boards haven’t become a reality yet, but many of the technology predictions the film made have. Digital signage, for example, is now an everyday part of the world we live in, and this has completely revolutionised the way advertisers can promote their products in an ever more competitive marketplace. As the film predicted, we now have flat screen displays everywhere, from buses to airports and supermarkets, displayingRead More

Blood Unicorn by Alberto Vázquez


Unicorn Blood (Blood Unicorn) is a short film director Alberto Vázquez, who already know from his previous work Birdboy, winner of the Goya for Best Animated Short Film and were surprised by its success by festivals.

The Last Flight of The Wind, Reflect 3D


The work that we present today we sent some guys eager, their study is called Reflect3D and in the feature film project “The Last Flight of the Wind.” They take two years behind the idea, and are aware of the enormous work that comes ahead and have already been driven by markets such as Mifa (Annecy) and soon to forum Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

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