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December, 2015


Parrot Away, a short Mads Weidner


Danish School Animation workshop is famous for the quality they have their animated shorts, can see gems like Backwater Gospel, The Saga of Biorn or Mighty Antlers.

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin – could be a multi-task answer used as remote access package for remote server administration, distant help, education, virtual categories, and far a lot of. simple use and quick performance enable you to utilize Ammyy Admin as the package for remote laptop access and management yet as a universal communication tool. 

Opening of Simpson style Pixel Art


Convert the head of the Simpson is turning into something more common after seeing passed through the hands of the best artists in the world of animation as Guillermo del Toro, Bill Plympton, Sylvain Chomet or Don Hertzfeldt, the list continues to grow. This time those responsible for this tribute are the entertainers Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon two pioneers in the world of animation Pixel Art, so we have made it a somewhat different version to earlier thanks to this technique with retro style. Visit to know more technology newsRead More

Superhot, time moves with you


Today you can see a independent game developed by Acid Nerve that is attracting the attention of many. Although this is a ‘First person shooter” puzzle is the word that best defines its gameplay. In Superhot control a character who, level after level, you must beat the enemies that appear.

5 Helpful Tips for Creating Effective Promotional Videos for Your Business

Helpful Tips

When it comes to marketing your business, making business videos is a great way to connect with your demographic and a wider audience with the hope of raising profit margins. Many business don’t understand how powerful video content can be when it comes to sales conversions. This is especially the case on the web where promotional videos can easily become viral and spread from one person to the other. Of course, it takes some careful planning to get there, but it is possible. To create a successful video, you want to holdRead More

5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed in School

Communicate with their teachers. One of the best ways that you can ensure that your kids succeed in school is by keeping an open line of communication with their teachers. These are the people who see them each day, and who can give you a better idea of both their strengths and their weaknesses. You can also help to tell their teachers about what kinds of intervention your kids respond to, and what they don’t respond to. You can offer each other a lot of insight, which will be ofRead More

What are the benefits of cloud computing for Australian businesses?

Cloud computing companies, such as iiNet, offer a number of different packages for small, medium and corporate businesses. The problem is that many business owners don’t understand how cloud computing can benefit their bottom line and so they tend to stick with what they know.

The Boy and The Beast, Trailer


Within the great industry of animation Japanese also exists a small space for a more independent anime film, one of the most distinguished conductors and more recognition could say it’s director Mamoru Hosoda Summer Wars, The Girl Who leaped through Time or his latest film Wolf Children. A kind of film that departs from the conventional to surprise us with his very personal vision of the stories.

New Trailer of The Inside Out

We have the second trailer in Castilian of Inside Out, the new feature by Pixar and Disney, a family adventure to learn how to act or react differently our emotions in a literal sense, as these will be the stars of the film, a fun way to tell a story that is slated for release on August 15, 2015.

Love You to Bits a new videogame of the tiny thief


In this blog we want to give special emphasis to video games made in our country, videogames made with great motivation and above all with great care. We know it’s a pretty tough bet and that is a big sacrifice, so always good to support a sector such as “national indie game”.