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November, 2015


Tips motion animation with Lego


Animating with Legos can be a great introduction to the traditional world of animation frame by frame. It can be a fun art and has generated its own sub-genre movies block. Create these films can be tedious at first, but with a little patience and good advice you can achieve your first film finished block.

10 tips for a professional animator

Animation is one of the most exciting professions in the world of design, but also one that requires more effort and dedication. Jack Henry, director of The Adventures of Tadeo Jones and Animation Area Coordinator Strokes recounts her experience as a professional and offers a number of tips for improvement.

An application that turns a smartphone into a 3D scanner

We have made a habit of drawing our smartphone to take a few seconds of film or a simple digital photo. This is natural and convenient to capture a moment quickly. With the emergence of 3D printing, the need for objects modeled in three dimensions tends to be more and more. Unfortunately, we do not have all the skills needed to create virtual models of objects that can be printed in 3D.

Puma Urban Art


It officially launches two activities PUMA URBAN ART. The Puma Urban Art is an urban art festival of great importance worldwide; where you live from Argentina and Chile, the feast of the design. This time it fell to Peru also participate in this event, and since ISIL we are launching two events to celebrate along with people linked to art. To register, you can do so by sending an email to Patty Torres.

Increasing popularity of animation

popularity of animation

Animation is a challenging method of creating a series of static images that minimally differ from each other. From previous times to this new generation, animation has always been an important part of television. Remember your favorite cartoon shows of childhood. The skill of animation was something that drove you towards them. Animation has now become an important part of our lives. From kids to budding youngsters, you can see everyone enjoying animated cartoons and movies, as they are funny and entertaining. Visit here to know more like this article.

Campaign kickstarter for the film Dragon’s Lair

This week we have launched a new campaign Kickstarter. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are two veterans of the animation seeking funding for their new animated classic Dragon’s Lair, a movie based on a video game that took over there in the 80s, with an aspect of Disney movie chronicling the adventures of the knight Dirk.

Presentation cinematic trailer for Stone Angel Videogame

Stone Angel

A stunning cinematic trailer for the presentation of the game Angel Stone, who last summer by the creative premiered Blur Studio. that continue to surprise us with their great abilities to create any proposal. CGI visual spectacle, to enjoy …

3D Wire 2015: Animation Projects


Another trip to 3d Wire ends with a day dedicated to animation, this year has surprised the variety of national projects done in 2D animation. Seeing all presentations of the projects we realized that projects had exceeded expectations, varied projects with a very high level of quality, and most people very passionate about her work.

Dinosaur, by Ning Cheng


Sometimes they are not needed more than a little seconds to get us a smile. This is the case of the film that I approached today. Your manager is Ning Cheng, a student at the California School BFA3 that tells us a little joke reminding us that things are not always as they seem at first glance.

Lucky Charms announcement by the studio 2Viente


Today we bring you two videos of commercials study 2veinte for brand cereal Lucky Charms, with a 2D-flash that could pass for an animated series for style Cartoon Network. We leave you with the videos…