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October, 2015


Love, music video by Louis Roy


The work that we bring you today is closer to graphic design, with a refined style and abstract points. It is called Love, and is a music video for the group Human Human, dirigible by artist Louis Roy. We leave work to see what you think… Human Human – Love (official music video) from Louis Roy on Vimeo…  

Nephtali, Glen Keane


We return to Glen Keane few days after the presentation of traditional animation with virtual reality goggles. This time presents a 2D work as classical, entitled Nephtali, and is a collaboration with the Paris Opera. We leave work to see what you think.

Nova Seed, the film Nick Dilibarto


  A few years ago appeared on the network a spectacular short created by Nick DILIBERTO, Canadian animator who moves by Japanese land developing their work.

“Legion”, the cinematic new World of Warcraft


Some of you ask me how it is possible that in such a short time we have new cinematic video game World of Warcraft, if a year of the last expansion, entitled “makes only Warlords of Draenor”. Admittedly, Blizzard has been a precursor of this system of presenting games, and they have always led the Masters degree. But this time the trailer leaves us no good taste, and less coming from a cinematic beast.

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic


Fantastic game cinematic Wildstar Free-to-Play, by fortiche…

The Good Dinosaur


Second trailer for The Good Dinosaur, next to Pixar for Christmas…

Cosmos Laundromat, Mathieu Auvray


The work that we present today is provided by Blender Foundation, the creator of the popular 3D Open Source program Blender.

Rewrites the legend, Dark Souls 3


If we talk about adventure and epic challenge it is very likely that many of you think in Dark Souls. One of a kind, the saga of From Software was born in 2009 under the name of Demon Souls and deeply captivated those who played by his demanding and careful difficulty setting.

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