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September, 2015


Pixar presents The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur

Lately Pixar presents very active in presenting new projects. If a few days ago premiered in theaters Inside Out is now the turn of The Good Dinosaur, where discover what would have happened if Earth had never suffered the meteorite that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Adventure Time is passed to Stop Motion


It seems incredible that a flagship series of Cartoon Network, already has seven seasons. Since starting the series Adventure Time are few artists who have been in command of the series to make an episode with a different style, as is the case of David O’Reilly or Masaki Yuasa.

Adventure Time, live-action trailer

Animation Movie

You know that the fan arts love us, but if they are as “mathematical” as these further. This is a trailer for a supposed time adventure film with actors of flesh and blood (and hair).

How to Improve Your Flexibility

Being flexible isn’t only important for the sake of being flexible – or for the sake of showing off. Indeed, being flexible is also a sign of good health and well-being. When it comes down to it, the more flexible you are, the more your body can move, grow muscle and the leaner you become. With less fat on your body, you have a lower risk of developing heart disease and other problems that are commonly associated with obesity. In order to improve your flexibility, though, you need to make sureRead More

The Secret Life of Pets, new 3D movie

What happens when you leave your pet alone at home? Under this premise presents The Secret Life of Pets , created by the minds behind Gru, Despicable Me. This will work for the summer of next year, and has pretty good. What do you think? We leave you with the trailer below…

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Animation Movie

One of the things that strikes us the DC universe is its ability to create alternative worlds, where you can afford to explore new possibilities in its most charismatic characters.

How to Clean and Detail Your Vehicle Like a Pro

If you love your car and want to keep it looking new and shiny, you know how important it is to detail your car. However, not everyone can afford to have it done professionally by the likes of Word of Mouth Auto Detailing Services. If you’re in this boat, here is how to clean and detail your car like a pro.

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Men

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us once again. It’s amazing how time flies. Indeed, the holidays can be a beautiful time to spend with family and friends, but it can also be a stressful time. Not only do you have to make travel plans – you also have to find a way to make sure that everyone you know and love has a gift. When it comes down to it, the holidays are the perfect time to show someone that you love him or her. WhenRead More

5 Helpful Legal Tips for Gun Owners

Owning firearms is not only a legal right that all U.S. citizens enjoy, it’s a way for gun owners to protect themselves and their homes, hunt for food, and partake of a sporting pastime. But it’s important to understand that there are legal ramifications associated with gun ownership and use. Here are some tips to help gun owners avoid legal snafus. Understand federal and state laws. Gun owners definitely like to quote their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but there is a load of other legislation pertaining to theRead More