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June, 2015


The Reward Tales of Alethrion Second Episode


Surely more than one has already seen some of this web series entitled Tales Alethrion, which was launched by the platform kickstarter and until now has two episodes, which revolve around a map. This project began with The Reward, a short film that was our way to this fantastic world full of adventures with a 2D style without dialogues. We leave you with the episode…

Zootopia – Teaser Trailer


Zootopia teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney 2016…

Strome (Carmen), or How twitter can end your life!


The Belgian singer Stromae is known for his music from hip-hop and electronica. This time presents a video entitled Carmen (directed by Sylvain Chomet ), with a lovely animation, and we will tell a story about how the social network Twitter can kill you if you’re not careful. This song is a reversal of “Habanera” which appears in the popular opera also entitled “Carmen”. We leave you with the video to see what you think.

Enhance The Effect With Chroma

Most of the people are not aware of Chroma but it is quite popular as we all see it on the television screen. When you are shooting and want to use the Chroma key. The advantages of the key are numerous and it can easily transform the screen where cars burn, skyscrapers collapse and when you have to capture astonishing landscapes. The tips that you have to follow for using the key are many but you have to take note of some of the special effects which transform the pictureRead More

New trailer for Samorost3


Already in 2013 we show you. “Samorost3” is the new work from the creators of “Machinarium” and “Botanicula” called Amanita Design. Today we show you new title material point and click that still looks as spectacular as ever. Spectacular in graphic and sonorous, with particular emphasis on the nearby backgrounds to photorealism combined with an original and beautiful imagery. No more buzzwords in between, here is the new trailer. A New Way To Shop

For the past few weeks I have been hearing people talk about this great place to shop and get rewards in return.  I hear them talking at work, on the bus and when I am out to lunch. What are they talking about? It’s They have been around for only a couple of years but they have grown very quickly in that time frame.

Nescafe – Golden Opportunities Await


Dinosaurs are in fashion again and pull Nescafe advantage with this spectacular publi by MPC …

Cosmos Laundromat


Trailer for the latest film by Open Source Blender Foundation. A really great pint…

Kung Fury

Animation Film

Now you can enjoy the full film Kung Fury… A trip back in time to the 80s action movies …

Inside Out – Shoes Of Doom


New clip of Inside Out, the latest Pixar for this summer…