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May, 2015


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Spectacular new kinematics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt…



New trailer for the film of the Minions…

Ekko: Seconds


There are some things that are worth fighting. Again and again….Done in Paris Passion….

Making of Hotel Transylvania 2 Teaser


“Making of” the teaser of Hotel Transylvania 2…

Top 5 Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

Saying you are bored does not mean that you want something major to do. It is more likely you want to remain lazy and just surf the Internet. The Internet is vast though so here are a few sites that are guaranteed to give you a few chuckles without requiring you to think too hard.

Flash Gordon Classic


Robb partt has made ​​this fantastic short Flash Gordon in an excellent 2d …

Why Log Horizon Is Better Than Sword Art Online

While the concept of anime series’ set inside MMO style games is nothing new, the two that everybody tends to debate the supremacy of are usually Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. Both of these shows are based on light novels rather than manga, so have a slightly different feel from standard Shounen anime, and are based around characters who have found themselves playing their favorite MMORPG for real. Both Sword Art Online and Log Horizon have been through two seasons and look likely to be extended with third seasonsRead More

First Day Plan – Inside Out


New clip of Inside Out, Pixar will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival…

Coca Cola – Man & Dog


What we see and what we see with our dogs is clearly different. Made in Duncan Studio …

Origins of Plus Ultra


A couple of animated clips made ​​by Teddy Newton, Dan and Andrew Jimenez Jeup to place the viewer in the origins of the new film by Brad Bird, Tomorrowland.