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March, 2015


Leage of Legends, “Bard : Mountain”


As good fans Leage of Legends and 2D animation could not miss this trailer in Dlastframe. The game developers have the healthy habit of creating cinematics always making use of different animation techniques, something we love.

Trailer Just Cause 3


Just Cause 2 was not a gem, but a game that entertained many players offering them a huge open world in which cause chaos and make the most absurd stunts both on foot and by vehicle.

Big Hero 6 and Feast, winners of the Oscars


-Big Hero 6 Oscar for best feature “Big Hero 6” won the Oscar for best animated film with its history of superheroes, which happens to be the first film adaptation of a history of Marvel comics.

2015: What gadgets Have We Got to Look Forward To?

Gadgets have become a major part of our daily lives, whether we’re using them in the home, for entertainment or at work. Companies are constantly developing new products with innovative features that are designed to appeal to our increasing love of technology. If you’re always searching for the next new gadget, here are some of the top products that you have to look forward to this year.