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February, 2015


Cheeky animated genius paste or china


This is the version of The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time but for the Chinese version. Is it a copy to despise or is something we should observe with admiration? Is this permissible? Our opinion on this may surprise you, but the copy of Time Adventure version is really well done, making us think that is worth serious look this work. Are we tomárnoslo as a parody? How a respectable copy? How a good deed?

The art of the very young talents, Heat vs Repulsion


Today we have prepared a baked young talents of those who give rabies. They are so young and so good that you might think it is a fake.

X-Story, a short animation


The Russian animator Vitaliy Shushko, presents his first animated short entitled X-Story. Although still in development phase and we can hardly see that it will go this short film we go making us an idea of the visual aspect that will have with the teaser. We will be watching to go see the progress of the project. We leave you with the video